My Chelmsley Wood

October – December 2018

Photography in Chelmsley Wood

In Autumn 2018 artist Jamila Walker ran a programme of photographic workshops with members of the local community in Chelmsley Wood. 

The sessions were a collaborative, creative opportunity for local image makers to learn new technical skills as well as expand on their visual interests. With a focus on the local area and themes exploring texture, place and narrative, participants were able to explore photography in a social, supportive and experimental space.

Throughout the project discussions were had around what questions were being asked, and what choices were made when setting up, selecting and editing images. The key question being “what are we trying to say to the viewer?” 

At the end of the project a selection of work was chosen by the group to reflect these conversations in an exhibition titled “Take a photograph, to create a picture.” 

A selection of photographs can be seen here.

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